From the recording Now & Again

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What in the world were you thinking
When you said that you love me?
I’m a level-headed guy and I
Try to keep my wits about me,
Even though you’re quite bewitching,
It’s too much, too fast, too soon.

How in the world did we think
We had the same understanding?
I’m a reasonable man and I
Can’t quite tell when you’re so nearby
But it just seems crazy to try
For the sun, the stars, the moon.

Yes, it’s true I’m nearly flattened by your kisses.
Clearly I should be resisting these near misses.
I’ll walk away, turn you down, end the play, hold my ground…
Wait—don’t go, come back, resume!

Why in the world was I thinking
That I don’t think I love you?
I’m a well-intentioned male, but I
Failed to heed the pleasant warnings
Every goner gets before he
Falls so much, so fast, so soon.