From the recording Now & Again

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A dead-end street, that’s what I’m on,
Wearing a rut in the ground.
It’s clear I’m going nowhere fast
And need to turn myself around.

It’s not the first time and won’t be the last
I’ve had to start over again.
I’m sure I’ll regain my direction,
Just not so sure of how or when.

Sleepless past midnight,
Still up at dawn.
Swear by the first light,
Today’s the day I’m moving on.
Easy to say, but I
Can’t seem to find my way.

No point remaining,
She’s gone for good.
No use in hanging
Around the same old neighborhood.
Don’t mean to stay, but I
Can’t seem to find my way.

Like a leaf blown by the north wind,
More adrift than I imagined.
I’ve never been quite so lost
Before I lost her.

Friends say to get out,
Meet someone new.
Take the first step out
And walk on down the avenue.
Maybe someday, but I
Can’t seem to find my way.