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I Like Doin' Nothin' with You

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Composed, performed, and produced by Scot Crandal. Kate Crandal on bass.
Copyright © 2019, Scot Crandal. All rights reserved.
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Walkin’ around the city
Walkin’ around the county
Sippin’ a cup o’ coffee
And lookin’ in your eyes
Don’t know what time it is
Don’t care what’s on my list
Whippin’ up fun with nothin’
But some time together

There are so many lovers
Goin’ under covers
Feelin’ love when love is
Hard to be found
I know life is a puzzle
We go to lots of trouble
What makes it better now
Is easy as pie

I like doin’ nothin’ with you
I like doin’ nothin’ with you
Time with you is tried and true
I like doin’ absolutely nothing with you

Watchin’ the people go by
Watchin’ the people say hi
Talkin’ about the way we’ll
Be when we’re old
I know what time it is cuz
Your love is on my list
Of dreams I never thought I’d
See but I hold

Oh how do we get by when
This love is paralyzin’
It makes the world seem like it’s
Too good to be true
We’ll build a party boat and
Invite our friends to float and
Feel love carry us to the
Sun and the moon

Everyone’s searchin’
For yet-to-be memories
Climbing a big tree
Wonder what we’ll see?
Have you been dreamin’
I have been meanin’
To tell the story of a
A girl and a boy, of a
Girl and a boy, this girl and boy